FUSION C 8-Pack Alkaline Batteries

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Our Longest Lasting Alkaline Battery

Specially formulated for power-hungry, high-drain devices, RAYOVAC® FUSION™ is our longest lasting alkaline battery!

rayovac made in the usa with u.s. and global parts

Powering America Since 1906

Our Longest Lasting Alkaline Battery is produced right here in the USA in Fennimore, WI*.
*Except 9V

RAYOVAC® Fusion™ power guarantee

Power Guarantee

Holds power for 12 Years while in storage (5 for 9V).

RAYOVAC® Fusion™ provides more power

More Power

Our energy dense formula provides more power vs. RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™

RAYOVAC® Fusion™ excels in today's power hungry devices

Excels in Today's Power Hungry Devices

High-powered toys, video game controllers, wireless headsets & more.

RAYOVAC® our longest lasting battery size c

Breakthrough Zinc Formula
Our patent-pending zinc formula creates better ion transfer for more powerful energy.1
Advanced Power Rings
For high energy density and consistent performance.
Improved Current Collector
A longer, high purity brass nail creates stronger current capability.2

1AA & AAA sizes only. Vs previous RAYOVAC® formula

2AA Size Batteries Only. Vs previous RAYOVAC® design

RAYOVAC® fusion batteries
RAYOVAC® Fusion™ batteries


Model: 814-8LTFUSK

Features and Benefits:

  • Our Longest Lasting Alkaline Battery
  • Made in the USA with U.S. & Global Parts – Our longest lasting alkaline battery is produced right here in the USA in Fennimore, WI
  • Holds power for 12 years in storage
  • Lasts longer in today's most power hungry devices1 including high-powered toys, video game controllers, and wireless headsets

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