Tips To Meet Your Battery's Expected Life

  • Keep track of your battery usage to determine the average time your battery should last. Since everyone's definition of a "day" is different, be sure to calculate your battery usage by hour for a more accurate estimate.
  • Store Batteries at room temperature in a package or caddy.
  • Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket or purse.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Hearing Aid


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Size 675
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How to Activate Your Hearing Aid Battery For Use

Understanding Your Battery

There are many factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts.


As temperature is reduced, hearing aid battery voltage is lowered, which can reduce battery life.

Battery Size

As the physical size of the battery decreases the amount of space for the ingredients needed to power the battery also decreases. Therefore, the smaller batteries may have a shorter life.

Degree of Hearing Loss

Increased amplification is required with hearing loss severity; this results in reduced battery life.


Increased altitude results in less oxygen in the air creating lowered voltage and reduced battery life.

Instrumental Differences

Features in today’s hearing aids such as wireless streaming and ear-to-ear communication-can reduce battery life 20-30% based on frequency of use


The surrounding noise and volume setting of your hearing aid can both prematurely drain the battery.


Batteries can dry out or take on moisture depending on the humidity level. Both outcomes reduce battery life.