Tips and tricks to keep your devices going

Frankly, we find the myths surrounding batteries to be overwhelming! We've distilled all of that noise into the essential tips you need to ensure your RAYOVAC® batteries are properly performing.

Tips and tricks:

RAYOVAC® keep away from children

Keep batteries out of reach of children

Know which devices contain specialty batteries, and don’t change batteries in front of children.

Remove Dead or Weak Batteries

Promptly remove non-functioning or weak batteries from devices

By removing dead or weak batteries promptly, you will help protect your devices!

Old New

Never mix old & new batteries in devices

Mixing batteries can cause them to explode, damage your device or cause a fire.

Device On

Do not leave battery powered devices switched “on” after the batteries are exhausted

This can cause erosion in your device.

Store Batteries in Cool Dry Place

Store batteries in a cool and dry place

Extreme heat or even cold can shorten the longevity of the battery. Never Refrigerate.


Remove batteries from any device that will be stored

Many devices don't turn off completely when not in use, so they still use a small amount of power. If a device is stored this way for an extended period of time, like months or years, the batteries can run out and corrode. Not what you want when you dig that old toy out of the closet!

Do not carry loose batteries in purse or pockets

Do not carry batteries loose in purses or pockets

Doing so can cause burns, or cause the batteries to explode.


Taking Batteries Seriously

RAYOVAC® participates in the state-approved Call2Recycle® program - the leading end-of-life battery recycling initiative in North America. RAYOVAC® helps support Call2Recycle's nearly 30,000 drop-off collection sites across the U.S. and Canada. Single-use batteries are only accepted by select locations. To find a drop-off location near you, please visit Call2Recycle's drop-off locator