Trimming is a delicate game. Really, it’s more of an art.

posted June 17, 2016

That makes you the artist.
And what does every artist need? A great paint brush, of course. (Or something like a paint brush. We’re not picky here.)
Remington’s got the perfect “brush” for you. The Verso grooming kit comes with a mustache and beard trimmer that’ll make a masterpiece of the canvas that is your face.

Verso Trimming Head

The mustache and beard trimmer lets you focus on the details by cleaning up your facial hair, sideburns, and neck in no time.
Just attach the trimming head to the Verso power base, and you’re ready to create sharp, clean lines that complement and enhance your signature look.
Plus, it’s waterproof. That means you can wash away trimmed hair while you work, and make sure you’re only trimming what you want to trim. Remember, precision is the goal.

Adjustable Length Comb

Every artist needs his own unique style, and that’s where the adjustable trimming comb comes in handy.
It’s got 10 pre-set lengths that give you the power to choose just how much hair you want to trim away.
It clips onto the mustache and beard trimmer, and you can set the length by turning the dial. It’s that easy.

Get Verso

So the next time you’re gonna go all “Michelangelo” on your face, make sure you’ve got the Verso grooming tool in hand. It provides an excellent trim that elevates your “art” from the fridge to the museum.
Verso is available on and on our website.

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