At Remington, we’ve given a lot of focus lately to the legions of bearded men out there.

posted August 26, 2015

We respect their style and their commitment to crafting a beard worth being proud of. They deserve the attention.
If you want to know what you’ve been missing out on, we’re here for you. It’s time to take the next big step in your life, so (if you’re genetically capable—that’s important here) we’ve assembled a simple how-to guide to get you started on the path towards becoming a Beard Boss.

  • Let it grow.

  • Not that this is an easy task, but it really is as simple as that. You need to let everything grow out for at least four weeks before trying to shape it in any way. Commit to it. The phrase “growing pains” certainly applies here. It’s not going to look great for most of that month. In fact, you may want to start the process while you’re on vacation or otherwise away from the scrutiny of those around you. Not everyone will understand. Remember, “Sticks and stones…”

  • Withstand the itch.

  • There’s no avoiding the itch of a sprouting beard. But keep in mind that it will go away eventually and that there are things you can do to minimize it.
    It’s important to keep skin clean. Use a shampoo daily or a few times a week—whatever feels right for your beard—and don’t be afraid to condition it once in awhile. You can also use a beard brush to prevent ingrown hairs and keep hair growing in the same direction. Softening the hair can also help, so use some beard oil daily to keep it supple. (Beard oil makes you smell nice, too.)

  • Pick the right style.

  • Once you’re to the point where you want to start shaping your beard, try to pick the right style for your face shape. Round, square, triangular—each shape looks best with a certain arrangement of beard and mustache. Ask Men has a useful guide on picking the best fit for you.

  • Just be yourself.

  • Whether you want a classic beard that works for your face or a more adventurous look that will get you recognized at bearding competitions—just pick something that jives with your individual style. A crucial trait of Beard Bosses is the ability to be yourself and own what you’re working with. So stick with one style or never stop experimenting. As long as you don’t shave it all off, you’ll be a Beard Boss in no time.

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