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It’s tempting, isn’t it?

posted August 10, 2015

As we roll into August—the hottest month of the year—you’re thinking about shaving your beard. It’s just too hot. Who could blame you?

But don’t do it.

Your beard might be itchy and uncomfortable. You might feel like it soaks up every drop of sweat that pours off your face. It might be starting to smell a little bit.

But don’t do it.

You’ve worked hard to get your beard to what it is today. Think of all the weeks of strenuous growth you suffered through so your stubble could become a beard, and you could become a man.

Let’s get you through this. Let’s keep you looking like a Beard Boss.

  • Wash your beard. A lot.

  • All that sweat we talked about earlier can build up in your beard and leave it sticky, crusty, and smelly. So use a beard shampoo that won’t dry out the skin underneath. If you normally wash once or twice a week, maybe step that up to three-four times. And always make sure to use a conditioner after the shampoo to keep hair moisturized and full.

  • Use beard oil.

  • If you don’t already use beard oil, the summer is a perfect time to start. It’s not goopy like beard balm, and adds a subtle sheen while softening your beard and keeping it hydrated. Helps with the smell, too.

  • Sun protection.

  • You hear it every summer—sun protection is important. Wear a hat. Stay in the shade. Put a foot-high layer of sunscreen on every inch of your body—yes, even under your clothing! Now, you can’t wear a hat on your beard. No matter how cool that would be. But what you can do is use a sunscreen made especially for hair. It will be lighter (and less stinky) than body sunscreen, and will help to keep your beard from drying out in the summer sun.

  • Trim—but don’t you dare shave—your beard.

  • If you’re still thinking of losing the face sweater for the summer months, just know that everyone thinks you’re a coward. I’ve asked around. But also know that a beard can act as a natural sunscreen and help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. That’s pretty cool.

So if you can’t stand a bushy beard in the heat, just give yourself a little trim and maintain all the benefits of the bearded life. Trim off any brittle or split ends, and leave behind at least a couple inches. Give yourself a running start at growing that manly fall and winter beard and upholding your status as a Beard Boss.

You can do it.

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