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Struggling to master your Beard Boss look?

posted April 1, 2016

You’re not alone.

Lots of guys struggle with growing in the full beards that are worthy of putting in a calendar (shameless plug: download the 2016 Beard Boss calendar here).

Patchiness can be a problem. But there are ways to fight it.

Just promise us you won’t turn to beard transplants (that’s cheating) or beard supplements (they probably don’t work). The power to grow your very own great beard lies within you. So go toe-to-toe with the patchiness and give these strategies a try.

Let It Grow

We give this advice a lot, and it rings true for this topic, too. It’s possible that you’ve never quite given your beard the chance to reach its full potential. What a shame. Try going for a month or more without shaving to see exactly what it is you’re working with. It will be itchy, it will be difficult, and there will be moments of doubt. But if the reward for perseverance is a thick, full beard, we say it’s worth your effort.

Go Short

If you’re still patchy after a month or so, you might need to pivot with your beard goals. Go for a look that falls somewhere between stubble and beard. To do this, you’ll want to own an adjustable-length beard trimmer, like this one. Use it to clean up the areas that haven’t grown in after 10 days or so (likely your cheeks and jawline). This will downplay any patchiness and give you a styled look.

Groom It

A good brush can do wonders for an unruly beard. Brushing helps you control the direction of growth and possibly “fill in” areas that are a little thin. Conditioner can help here, too. With regular use, it can make your beard more lush and healthy looking.

Own It

So you’ve tried your best, but you’re stuck with the patchy look. Maybe that’s your beard destiny! If you work it right, a patchy beard can look good. Great, even. It can highlight the bone structure of your face and give you an attractive, rugged look. Plus, if everyone else is avoiding the patchy beard, you’ll have a sexy style that’s all your own.

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