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Meet Beard Boss, James McMahon

posted October 5, 2015

Beard Boss James McMahon has a one-of-a-kind mustache that’s evolved over the years. “It keeps asking for more face territory every day,” says James. As James’s mustache grows, so does his wisdom. He’s picked up tips and tricks from decades of bearding experience and he’s more than willing to share his secrets. Check out the Q&A below to meet the man and his beard (he calls it Guillermo).

Where are you from and what do you do for a living?
"I’m from Milwaukee. I am a restaurateur, “mustachepreneur”, and musician."

How does your beard impact your daily life?
"It is a great icebreaker on certain occasions, and can also deter people from talking to you when you don’t want to small talk."

Are you superstitious about your beard? How so?
"Yes, I’m very superstitious. Before competitions there is a very certain sage smudging process that has proven successful. When we were on the Beard Boss tour in Portland I couldn’t do it because we were running behind because Chris had to pick up some socks. That was the first time that I have not been in the top three since I started competing."

What all goes into styling and grooming your beard?
"I’m all about the “Big Sexy” (hairspray). The superhold is my go to. As far as length of time, it seems as though I need to put an hour limit on myself or then I start to stress out about a hair out of place."

What would it take for you to shave off your beard? A million dollars? A date with a super model? Will you ever shave it?
"I don’t think I have specifics, it’s my hair and if I want to change it up then so be it. I think that is what being a Beard Boss is all about. Do what you feel is good for you."

Are you clean-shaven on your driver’s license or other photo ID? If so, have you ever been accused of using a fake?
"I am more clean-shaven on my license than I am now. I have never been accused of using a fake, but when I was traveling internationally they called me Jamie (MythBusters), not James."

What’s the best part about being a Beard Boss?
"The best part is just being around great people that share common beard interests. The Beard bosses have met so many great people from all over the nation and world because of the Beard Boss campaign."

What tips or advice do you have for someone just starting to grow out a beard?
"Just keep growing it. You will get beyond the itching quickly."

Where do you see bearding going in the next 10 years? Will the trend continue to grow?
"I think that as long as the trend of society supporting more local-scale economies such as local farmers, artists, chefs, musicians, brewers, and artisans, keeps going, the beard trend will continue as well. I hope that trend does continue, but if I had grown up in the 70s I probably would have said that everyone would continue having mustaches, and listening to disco for many years to come. You never know for sure."

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