Summer is great. We all know that.

posted June 13, 2016

Summer is great. We all know that.
The long days, the warm nights, and that big, beautiful sun replenishing your energy after the long winter months.
But that same ball of fire way up in the sky can also be damaging to your skin. Sunburn, freckles, wrinkles, they’re all avoidable if you take the time to protect yourself.

Got a beard? You might have heard that hair is the best sunscreen there is, and that’s true. But what about the parts of your face that aren’t shaded by your face rug?
It’s up to you to protect ‘em, big guy.
Regardless of the facial hair style you’ve created (preferably with the handy Verso grooming tool), you’ve got to take steps to fight off the sun’s harmful rays when you hit the great outdoors this summer.

Here’s what you need:


Look cool and protect your eyes. That’s a win-win. But leave the designer shades at home. Go with a pair of sport sunglasses that fit closely to your face and offer total protection around your eyes.


It’s unbeatable to feel the sun on your face first thing in the morning. But a full day in that heat? Not so much.
Get a light-colored hat to create a physical barrier between you and the sun. That will keep you cool and shaded all day long. Plus, it helps keep bugs from diving off of trees and creating a new home in your hair. Big bonus.


Mom knew what she was talking about. Even though it’s a hassle and that smell is unavoidable, you’ve gotta lather this stuff on to keep your skin healthy.
If you don’t usually burn too easily, SPF 30 will do it. But if you’re more fair-skinned, you’ll be better off with something like SPF 50 or higher.

Lip Balm

Ah, the oft-forgotten lips. Those puppies will burn if you don’t give them some protection.
Any lip balm with SPF 15 should do the trick. Or just wipe your normal sunscreen on your lips. It’s all the same.


Take a minute to wash the sunscreen off your face once you’re back indoors. The greasy lotions can lead to breakouts for some guys.
This is the perfect job for the Verso cleansing brush. It’ll softly scrub your face to remove any remaining sunscreen along with the dirt and oil that accumulated on your hike. How great is that?
After you’re clean and fresh, apply a moisturizer to hydrate and replenish your skin after a long, satisfying day in the sun.

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