The ability to grow a beard usually indicates that you’ve finally said goodbye to annoying teenage acne.

posted February 8, 2016

The ability to grow a beard usually indicates that you’ve finally said goodbye to annoying teenage acne.
But when it comes time to shave that beard, you can run into a new set of problems that cause irritation and breakouts. Regularly running a blade over your face can irritate follicles by blocking them with oil and dead skin, which causes bumps and pimples.

Here’s how to prevent that from happening:

Prep for shaving

If you’ve ever been told that it’s best to shave after a warm shower, you’re listening to smart people. Steam opens up pores, allowing you to clean out oil and residue that can cause breakouts. It also softens hairs and makes them easier to trim.
So give your face a quick, warm wash before every shave and you’re way ahead in the breakout-prevention game.

Wash your tools

Your shaver, your shave brush (if you’ve got one), and your hands (those are your most useful tools)—all of these should be washed and dried before every shave.
A shaver can pick up different bacteria in between uses and transfer them to your skin during shaving. An easy way to prevent this is to wash your shaver head with hot water or even a quick dunk into rubbing alcohol.
And don’t forget your hands. They should be washed thoroughly and dried so you can accurately glide your shaver around your face and get a feel for how close you’re shaving.

Use an electric shaver

If breakouts are a regular problem with wet blade shaving, it might be time for a switch. Whether you use a foil or rotary shaver, your face is protected from direct contact with the sharp shaving blades. This reduces the likelihood of making small cuts in your skin, which can give germs and oil a chance to get under the surface and cause irritation.
Check out the Remington SmartEdge for an easy way to get a close shave without causing breakouts. Plus, it’s way faster than using a single- or multi-blade razor with shaving cream.

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