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Let’s talk shaping.

posted June 23, 2015

The point where you decide to divide the line of hair from your beard to your chest hair is very important. This is your neckline.

You don’t necessarily need to create a neckline, and some guys look their best letting it grow in naturally. Those guys are lucky, because a natural beard requires pretty low maintenance.

For others, an unshaped beard can look unruly or downright disgusting. And if that’s what you want, fine. Have fun living in the woods. I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.

But for productive members of society, a dignified look is essential. So take a look at the following tips for shaping your beard and creating a neckline that works for you.

  • Don’t Go Too Far
  • This is the biggest mistake you can make when outlining your beard. Trimming too high leaves you looking like a shrink ray hit you, but only your beard was affected. Wearing anything that’s too small is a bad look, and the same goes for your beard.

  • Follow Your Face
  • The natural geometry of your face determines where your beard should start and end. Make sure you check out your face from every angle when deciding where to trim. Use a handheld mirror to get a glimpse of everywhere you’ll be shaving.

    Next, you want to imagine a loose line going from just under your ear and along your jawline until it reaches the top of your Adam’s apple. Do this evenly on both sides and you can easily figure out where your neckline should be.

    See how this guy has established a solid neckline, going from right under his ear in a solid line to the peak of his Adam’s apple. It doesn’t get better than this, folks.

  • Keep It Trimmed
  • Once you’ve establish your neckline, cleanly shave everything beneath it and let the beard above grow to the length you desire. Using a product like the Remington Lithium Power Stubble and Beard Trimmer makes the whole process super easy.

    It comes with interchangeable blades for your beard, stubble, and goatee, and the length is easy to set with a zoom wheel that clicks firmly into place.

    Use the trimmer at least once a week to maintain the neckline, and remember not to create lines that are too rigged. Always error on the side of scruffy because, as we talked about earlier, the shrunken beard look is bad for everyone.

Don’t force the people in your life to look at a miniature beard. They want to see your full, manly beard operating at maximum power. And it’s your job to make sure that happens.

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