Here at Remington, we’re always in search of the perfect shave. Every guy has his own idea of what the perfect shave is, and it can vary based on hair type, growth rate, and skin moisture. But that won’t stop us from finding the perfect performance for every face. We decided to send one novice shaver out into the perilous world of male grooming in search of his best face. While your facial hair needs may differ from his, we hope this chronicle of his heroic quest inspires you to never stop searching for your very own perfect shave.

Day One- The Journey Begins

I have facial hair that needs grooming. And man does it grow fast. Patchy spots and curly whiskers roam freely along the contours of my face, taunting me with their scruffiness. Behind closed doors I’m not afraid to let it grow, but outside, peer pressure mounts and society demands a clean and wholesome appearance. It’s going to be tough, but I know what must be done.

Day Two- Testing the Waters

Shaving is a universal practice that bonds many of us, and as it goes with any ritual, some are better at it than others. Nicks and cuts are the signature of a novice shaver and become an open invitation for judgment by alpha males. One screw up and the perfect shave goes out the window—a painful reminder that the art of shaving calls for more than a simple razor. That’s why my first goal is to discover a secret weapon that will be my friend and guide on the way to a perfect shave.

Day Three- Ready for Battle

The time has come. The day I master the perfect shave. Weeks of practice and preparation have culminated in this moment. With doubters fueling my fire, girlfriend support on the sideline, and no more advice from dad, I pull out a Remington shaver and assume the grooming stance. Prep the face, shave on, shave off. As the electric Remington shaver glides across my skin, the banzai scruff is gently trimmed and a new man slowly emerges.

Day Four- Triumph

My quest is complete. The perfect shave eludes me no more and the celebration can begin. Honorable in its performance, the trusty electric shaver helped me out along the way and I owe it my life. Without this wonderful piece of machinery, my face would lack the smoothness and sophistication that have become my signature look. My Remington shaver gave me the confidence to conquer my critics and achieve what I always believed I was capable of. I am wise and noble after my epic journey, and I will use my knowledge and experience to teach future generations that the perfect shave can be found. A great face is within your reach.

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