Ingrown hairs are painful and annoying...

posted January 6, 2016

But they can be avoided by making a few easy changes to your routine. Check out the tips below and see if there’s anything you can add to your daily maintenance.

Prep and Soften

Whether shaving your face or groin area, you want to make sure you’ve softened the skin and hairs before bringing in the shaver. It’s easiest to do it right after you’ve showered and cleaned the places you wish to shave. But introducing any heat and moisture to the area to prep for your shave is a good idea.


Shave Downward

The general rule is to go with the flow of your facial hair while shaving. When you shave against the grain you get closer to the skin, which can make for a better appearance but may also irritate your face. Experiment a little and see what works best for you.


Use a blade guard

This is useful when trimming up your groin area. The Lithium Grooming Kit includes an adjustable-length grooming comb that keeps the blades from directly contacting your skin, and thus prevents ingrown hairs. It lets you keep things tidy without getting too close.



Apply a post-shave balm or other lotion after every shave. This will keep your skin healthy and can help soften the hair as it grows back in, preventing it from curling up and becoming ingrown.


Let ‘em all grow!

This has become a common tip on the Rem4Men blog, and that’s because beards are helpful in a lot of ways. Ingrown hairs are caused from shaving too closely to the skin and allowing the hair to turn over and grow back into the skin. So if you can, allow a beard to grow in and keep it moisturized and soft—your face will thank you.
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