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Daily shaving takes away more than just your stubble and whiskers...

posted April 8, 2016

It can also strip your face of moisture and leave your skin prone to irritation and damage.

So what’s the best way to replenish your skin after a shave? Despite its name, aftershave may not be the best answer.
Alongside the bold scent it delivers, aftershave’s main purpose is to prevent any nicks and cuts from becoming infected. It does this using alcohol.

But the problem there is that your skin needs both protection and nourishment following a shave. Aftershave disinfects, but it does nothing to restore moisture and hydration to your skin.

Lotions and Balms
A better post-shave routine involves lotions and balms. (Balms are typically a little thicker than lotions.) They’re water or oil based, and they contain moisturizers and vitamins that replenish and protect skin. Some even have sunblock, which you probably should wear daily anyway.

Worried you’ll lose your signature scent if you make the switch? Don’t be. Most post-shave balms and lotions have subtle masculine scents that hang around on your face while the moisturizers do their work. So you’re all set there.

Next time you shave, reach for balms and lotions that work with your skin type to protect, soothe, and nourish. If you can’t quite bring yourself to give up the aftershave completely, try applying lotion on top of it. Your skin will thank you.

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