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The beauty of Remington® WETech electric shavers is the level of comfort they deliver.

posted August 8, 2016

You can use them with foam and gel, or in the shower or in the bathtub (if you still do that) or in a rainstorm (live a little). They’re 100% waterproof, so you can pretty much go wild with them. Some guys prefer a dry shave, which is the bread and butter of every Remington electric shaver. Fast and efficient, a dry shave gets the job done right with no wasted motions.

So which method is better?
In the end, that’s up to you and your face. We’ve assembled a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wet or dry shave. Choose accordingly.

Hair Type

Beard hair differs drastically from guy to guy. Straight and smooth, thick and curly—it makes a big difference for shaving performance.
Shaving cream usually works best for thicker facial hair because the hair remains coarse enough to be captured by the electric shaving blades, while the skin stays protected and comfortable underneath.
Thin hairs can get lost in all that foam, making them difficult to trim. So it can be more effective to shave dry when your facial hair is fine or smooth. But if your skin gets irritated, don’t hesitate to go with a lightweight cream or gel.

Skin Type

The main reason to use shaving cream is to prevent irritation of the skin. If your face is more on the sensitive side (no shame there), it’s best to use some type of cream or gel when you shave.
If you’ve got a face of steel that defies all irritations and breakouts, you need never fear shaving dry. You can handle it. (Not that it’s THAT tough, but still.)


For morning people, a wet shave is no problem. Take your time with a nice face steam to open those pores, then lather up a thick layer of moisturizing foam before gliding your favorite WETech™ shaver all over your soon-to-be-smooth mug. (Sounds dreamy, no?)
What’s that? Don’t want to wake up five minutes early? Stick to the dry shave, my man. It’s quick and easy and gets you out the door and on your way. No fuss, no muss. You’re still lookin’ awesome.

Take these factors into account when deciding between wet and dry electric shaving. It just might shave your life.

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