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posted February 10, 2015

However you keep your hair, it can say a lot about you. And because people are judging you by your hair, make sure you’re styling it in a way that reflects your style and personality.

So what’s the best tool to use for shaping your hair into the special look you want?


Whenever you put a part in your hair, it’s helpful to have a nice comb. You can find cheap plastic ones just about anywhere, but you’ll get much better performance from seamless combs that are handmade using smooth materials that won’t snag and damage your hair. There are also different types of combs for different types of hair. If you have straight, shorter hair, you should use a comb with a handle and smaller teeth. For wavy, thicker hair, a wide-tooth comb works best to maintain the natural pattern of your curls.


Only use a brush if you have coarse, thick hair. Usually the bristles are too harsh for regular hair types, and a brush will only pull out hair and put stress on your scalp.


For loose styling, the best option is to simply use your fingers. This puts the least amount of stress on your hair, and is great for creating a casual, yet put-together look.

Try to style your hair while it’s still wet and you’ll be able to lay it in a certain direction and style. If your hair is too dry to stay in place, try using conditioner after you shampoo, or a leave-in styling product to get the hold you need.

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