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Winter is great for a lot of reasons.

posted December 22, 2015

Winter is great for a lot of reasons. But the dry, cracked skin that comes with it every year isn’t one of them. It’s the opposite of great.
To avoid the itchy madness, you’ll probably have to make some changes to your daily routine. It can be a hassle, but it’s more than worth it when your skin is balmy and fresh though the weather outside is frigid and disgusting.

Give these tips of try. See what works for you. End the dryness!

  • Moisturize everywhere.
  • We’ve written before about the importance of moisturizer, and it’s doubly true whenever winter weather comes to town. Use a daily facial moisturizer, apply vaseline to cracked hands and elbows, and slather on body lotion to your legs. No one will think less of you as a man. We promise.

  • Drink more water.
  • Along with the outer moisturizers, you’ve gotta moisturize from within too. Staying hydrated throughout the day gives you a fighting chance against dry, flaky skin. There are lots of recommendations out there for the right amount to drink every day, but just do whatever works for you and doesn’t have you running to the bathroom every half hour.

  • Utilize a humidifier.
  • Humidifiers can be messy to deal with, but they’re often worth it. Sending moisture into your environment helps combat the level of dryness outdoors. And just think, maybe the humidifier will help you reduce the amount of lotion you have to apply. Again, not that we blame you for doing that.

  • Skip the hot shower.
  • Even though they feel terrific in the middle of cold winter spells, long, hot showers can strip natural moisturizers from the skin. Keep showers under five minutes with lukewarm water to prevent further drying of your skin.

  • Consider growing a beard.
  • This one works only for the face...we think. Simply put, the process of shaving every day can dry out your face. Shaving gels and foams can take out beneficial natural oils, and the act of moving a foil or rotary head around on your face can sometimes irritate and worsen dry skin. If you grow a beard, you can use beard oil daily to moisturize both the beard and the skin underneath. So give a winter beard a try and see if it can help stave off the wretched winter dryness.

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