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Want to be the creative one at this year's costume party? Use your beard!

posted August 25, 2017

You've put in the time to grow and maintain it, and Halloween is the time to cash in on that investment. Check out these inspired ideas and put your beard on display this Halloween.

Hipster Skeleton

This is a fresh take on the skeleton costume. Color your beard silver (we wouldn't recommend dye, go with a temporary spray-on) and paint your face black and white for the classic skeleton look. You'll be the hippest bag of bones at any party.

Bearded Zombie

Zombies don't shave, so it only makes sense that they'd have a long beard. Dress up in raggedy clothes, then paint on the oozing wounds to one side of your face (Bonus! The beard will save you time there—less surface area to paint.). Then do your best incoherent zombie walk and you'll pull off the "undead lumberjack" look perfectly.

The Beard Top

This is a new one that only a real man could pull off. If you're bald up top and have a long, flowing beard, brush your beard up the sides of your face and style the ends on the top of your head. Use gel or hairspray to keep it in place—the effort will be worth it when you've got the most original look at the party. And hey, just enjoy your one night with a full head of hair again. You'll look 30 years younger!
If you pull that one off, post your photo to social media and tag @Rem4Men. We want to see your trailblazing style.

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