Summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about the important matters of the fall season: football, football, and football.

posted October 24, 2016

Oh yeah, and your beard. What’s it gonna look like this fall? How will your facial hair change as the leaves do the same?

Here’s a suggestion:
Just carry a pumpkin with you wherever you go, and whatever beard you have will be the ultimate fall look. We stand behind that solid advice, but we know there’s much more to that squash-holding gentleman’s look than immediately meets the eye. Let’s look deeper at this beard style. It’s a work of art.

The mustache is thick and full and perfectly under control. That kind of uniform shape and consistent length can only be achieved with a quality mustache scissors and brush. (Like the ones you’ll find with the Beard Boss ‘Beardsman’.)

On to the meat of that glorious beard. The consistent tapered look makes for a long, full beard that doesn’t seem overgrown. A fixed-length trimming comb is an easy way to accomplish this. (Oh yeah, the Beardsman has one of those, too. An XL trimming comb for XL beards.)

Lastly, let’s focus on the cheeks. They’re cleaned up nicely to give the top edges of the beard an attractive shape. The best way to do that kind of maintenance is with a small foil shaver attachment, like the one included with the Beard Boss Perfecter. Just clip on the foil shaver and smooth out your upper cheeks to keep your look clean and dignified.

Get after that full beard action this fall. And don’t forget your pumpkin.

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